Our direct relationship with the suppliers and manufactures of steel structures provides you the best prices with a quicker delivery process. Our buildings are fully customizable, and our expert design consultants and sales specialists are on hand to help you dream up and build out a structure that perfectly fits your needs. Trust Direct Structures for quality construction, robust customer support and custom tailored buildings.

Direct Structures offers you a choice of 3 different roof styles. The 3 different styles are Regular Roof, A-Frame and Vertical Roof Style.

The regular style carports are the most economical of the 3 roof lines offered. Carports need to function properly in all weather conditions, so carefully consider your area’s climate when you buy a new carport. The regular style is the only one that comes with a rounded barn shaped roof.

On the Vertical Roof Style the sheeting goes up and down which helps the snow or rain slide off the sides. The Vertical Roof Style is the most expensive but it is the strongest of the three types of roof styles.  On the A-Frame style carport, the sheeting runs length wise (horizontal).